Special Offers

First Month Free For New Tenants

New tenants receive their first month free on any size compartment at Wayside Compartments.

Leases are available for a minimum 2-month term, consisting of the balance of the current calendar month (the 1st month if more than 7 days remain) plus the next full month. If less than 7 days remain in the current calendar month, those days plus the next two calendar months will be the minimum term.

Our Referral Program

Refer a friend, neighbor, or relative and receive a $20.00 referral fee! 

When an existing tenant refers someone to Wayside Compartments we'll credit your account $20.00 toward your next rent payment.

Returning Tenants

We appreciate your business and hope you found your storage experience with Wayside Compartments satisfactory. Please return to Wayside Compartments if the need for storage arises again and along with your First Month Free we will credit your account $20.
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